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♦   Make the fuel better atomized and burn more fully.
♦   Improve fuel viscosity or improve lubrication properties.
♦   Improve engine performance and save fuel usage by 10-20%.
♦   Reduce waste gas emissions and be more environmentally friendly.
♦   Machines and equipment last longer.
♦   Reduce engine noise.

Functions Of The Wellan Power Ring

WELLAN® power rings have proven themselves on  in industrial fuel power generation equipment and vehicles, yachts and ships powered by gasoline and diesel.Our many satisfied customers, huge positive data, successful results record, and expert analysis and testing reports all confirm that Power Ring is a good choice.

How it works

WELLAN power ring acts on fuel through fine oscillation waves, which can improve lubricity, viscosity, and combustion efficiency. Reduces the emission of pollutants such as CO, CO2, various nitrogen oxides (NOX) and SO2. Therefore, the power ring can reduce the environmental impact of exhaust gases. The fuel is burned to release more energy, making it more efficient and economical.

How To Install


The WELLAN® Power Ring can be used in two different ways. First, it can be installed on the fuel system or the oil inlet pipe of the engine system. When installing, choose the straight pipe position, and the installation space should be larger than the outer size of the power ring. 

Another application is refueling via the power ring. A 1″ WELLAN® power ring with a flow direction arrow fits over the oil gun nozzle. Insert the nozzle into the tank opening and oil is injected into the tank through the power ring.
When filling or changing engine oil, the WELLAN® power ring can be placed over the opening of the oil container.

What fuels is the WELLAN® Power Ring suitable for?

The WELLAN® power ring works with a range of fuels, including regular gasoline, premium gasoline, diesel and biodiesel. The Power Ring can also be used with fuels such as heating oil without any problems.

How to maintain it after installation?

Once installed, users do not need to perform any further maintenance or repairs. WELLAN® Power Rings continuously emit ultra-fine vibrations without wearing out. It requires no electricity and does not rely on magnets or chemicals.

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