As a benchmark event in the Australian water industry, Ozwater has gone through a glorious history of 57 sessions since it was first held in 1962. This exhibition attracted exhibitors from more than 18 countries, including Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Israel, etc., with the number of exhibitors approaching 400. The exhibition attracted more than 24,500 professional visitors, making it one of the largest international water exhibitions in Australia. The atmosphere was warm, exchanges were frequent, and the exhibitors’ booths were crowded, fully demonstrating the development vitality of the water industry and the broad prospects for international cooperation.

At this exhibition, EHS Company attracted the interest of many exhibitors and visitors with its German Tetradom high-tech green water treatment technology and service solutions.

Tetradom water treatment technology originated in Germany. Since its launch in 1992, it has benefited more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Its technological advancement is still 20 years ahead of its peers. As a pioneering application in the field of pure physics, Tradom uses no electricity or chemicals. Instead, it uses ultra-precise micro-oscillation waves with editable information to directly change the physical properties of scales, soften old scales, and block the growth of new scales; at the same time It can change the water environment and inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae; it can also generate an oxide layer on the inner wall of the pipe to avoid corrosion. To achieve the goals of efficient scale removal, strong scale inhibition, anti-corrosion and corrosion inhibition, and inhibition of bacteria and algae, the treated industrial water can be directly discharged, truly achieving zero energy consumption, zero material consumption, zero carbon emissions, and zero pollution.

EHS received a large amount of positive feedback during the exhibition, and customers expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the company’s products and services. Many customers expressed their appreciation for EHS Company’s innovative technology and professional services and expressed their intention for further cooperation. The improvement in customer satisfaction has laid a solid foundation for EHS companies to further develop in the water treatment industry in the future.

EHS Corporation will continue to be committed to the innovation and improvement of water management technology to meet changing market needs. The company plans to expand international cooperation and promote advanced water management solutions to a wider area. At the same time, EHS will also strengthen cooperation with local and international industry associations to jointly promote the sustainable development of the water industry.

By participating in this Australian Water Show, EHS not only demonstrated its technical strength and professional services, but also deepened its ties with partners inside and outside the industry. The company looks forward to continuing to communicate and cooperate with friends from all walks of life in future exhibitions to jointly create a bright future for the water industry.

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