Tetradom Water Treatment Technology Promotes Digital Transformation of Manuf

acturing Industry

In recent years, in the context of global advocacy of digital transformation, digital transformation of manufacturing industry is an important initiative to promote new industrialization and build a modernized industrial system. The introduction of Tetradom water treatment technology can improve operational efficiency, reduce production costs and increase profitability, which is of great significance in promoting new industrialization and building a modernized industrial system.

A manufacturing enterprise in Liaoning, China, has realized industrial upgrading and transformation through the application of digital key technology, which has led to the improvement of the enterprise’s performance: due to the serious scaling of the steam boiler in the enterprise’s production line, which had a certain impact on production safety and production efficiency, the problem was finally solved by the introduction of high-tech digital Tetradom water treatment technology.

In order to meet the production needs of the enterprise production site with a 6 tons / hour coal-fired steam boiler, boiler water using groundwater, water quality is poor, high hardness, water supply through the water softening equipment, but the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and can not be completely removed, in the process of steam generation is still in the form of metal salts attached to water-cooled walls, convection tube bundle wall and the inner wall of the pot tube, seriously affecting the safety of the boiler and normal use; At the same time, the heat transfer efficiency decreases, resulting in increased energy consumption and higher operating costs. At the same time, the decrease in heat transfer efficiency led to an increase in energy consumption, which increased the company’s operating costs.

Tetradom technical service personnel went to the site several times to conduct field research, collect water samples, monitor water quality, use the unique intelligent digital system, combined with the company’s own needs and working conditions and process conditions, for the company to adjust the exclusive customized water treatment technology solutions. Thanks to the application of intelligent digital system in the field of water treatment, the enterprise can carry out real-time monitoring and data analysis of water quality data, so as to better grasp the water quality situation and timely adjust the water treatment program.

About three months after the technology accumulation and put into use, the original boiler wall and fire tube and other surfaces of the scale has fallen off more than 90%, the scale has not fallen off, the scale has become loose and easy to fall off, can be easily removed to meet the acceptance criteria. Steam furnace operating data and working conditions are stable, the old scale in the boiler is peeled off in pieces, the old scale can be discharged twice per shift, the boiler inner wall and tube wall shows the original metal surface, the heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the production efficiency is increased. According to the analysis, after the application of Tradome water treatment technology, the annual pharmaceutical cleaning cost and labor cost can save 36,000 RMB, the annual loss of parking operation cost due to cleaning the boiler can save 30,000 RMB.

Since its introduction in 1992, Tetradom water treatment technology has benefited more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and its technological advancement is still 20 years ahead of the industry. As a pioneering application in the field of pure physics, Tetradom does not use electricity, does not add chemicals, but through the editable information of ultra-precise micro-vibration wave, directly change the physical properties of scale, soften the old scale, prevent new scale; at the same time can change the water environment, inhibit the breeding of bacteria and algae; and can generate the pipe wall oxidation layer, to avoid the generation of rust and corrosion. To achieve efficient scale removal, strong scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition, inhibition of bacteria and algae purposes, the treated industrial water can be discharged directly, truly zero energy consumption, zero material consumption, zero carbon emission, zero pollution.

Tetradom water treatment technology based on effectiveness, according to the percentage of the total amount of energy-saving service fees, and cooperative enterprises to solve industrial water problems. The enterprise side can not only get the ideal water treatment effect, but also greatly save the water treatment cost, and can get Tetradom’s technical support for a long time.

In China, over a hundred industrial enterprises have undergone digital transformation with the assistance of Tetradom, resulting in enhanced company performance. The impact of digitalization on business operations is evident in the financial data of relevant companies that have been disclosed so far. According to the data, the R&D expenditure of listed companies in the manufacturing industry increased by 9.28% year-on-year in 2023. This reflects the active investment of listed companies in the manufacturing industry in digital transformation. In the future, digitization and intelligence will remain a key focus for enterprise growth and the driving force behind industrial upgrades and transformation. Tetradom will continue to invest in the Chinese market to provide technical support for more enterprises seeking digital transformation.

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