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Production Intruduction

  • ●The water treatment rod is an immersion type device:
  • ●It is installed in a water storage device and is in direct contact with water.
  • ●Since the material is aluminum alloy, the water PH value is generally required to be between 6-9.5.
  • ●It is a treatment method for large-scale water systems and can be installed in reservoirs or water tanks.
  • ●The installation quantity must be determined by engineering and technical personnel based on factors such as water quality, scale sample, water flow, and working environment.
  • This product completes the water treatment effect of a large water treatmetn system.
TETERADOM ® bars It is a product developed by Teterdom Company on the basis of WELLAN water treatment ring. This product is aimed at the needs of large-scale industrial water treatment and enhances the effect of the original water treatment ring. The efficient and stable features have been recognized by users.

Working Principle

The emergence of quantum rods is an improvement on WALLEN’s proprietary technology.
Wellan’s propriotary water treatment technology is a practical example of quantum physics. Its core is programmed according to a unique customized oscillation frequency and uses unique laser recording technology to record this ultra-fine oscillation on the dielectric material which is a special silicon-aluminum alloy dielectric material.
The dielectric material conducts pre-recorded ultra-fine vibration waves to the medium (such as water, oil), causing it to generate micro-resonance. Then, through the vibration of the medium, the amplitude of the material waves of various inorganic and organic substances around it is changed, thereby changing the bonding form between its molecules. The structure of the lime scale becomes loose, the oxidized rust decomposes and falls off, and the bacterial and algal life substances are reduced.
The Quantum Rod completes the application effectiveness of the Quantum Loop. Play a stronger role in large and complex water circulation systems by placing directly in the water.

How To Install

1. Before install quantum bars, technicians need to calculate the usage quantity based on the size of the reservoir, water quality, water flow speed and other parameters.

2. Design the placement of the quantum rods according to the location of the water inlet and outlet and the size of the reservoir.

3.For smaller quantities, the quantum rods are hung from stainless steel chains. If the quantity is large, it needs to be fixed with a customized fixing bracket.

Step 1.

Prepare one each of quantum rods, stainless steel chains, M10 lifting lugs, and D-shaped buckles;

Step 2.

Screw the M10 lifting lug into the side of the quantum rod with the screw hole

Step 3.

Use D-shaped buckles to connect the M10 lifting lugs to the stainless steel chain

Hanging Installation

Bracket / Shelf Installation

Step 4.

According to the amount in the installation plan, the quantum rods are suspended evenly and vertically in water.


1. Material: Silicon Aluminum Alloy

2. 1 set include: 1 quantum rods, 1 stainless steel chains, 1 M10 lifting lugs, and 1 D-shaped buckles;

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