Tetradom: Going all “green” towards the future

In order to promote global environmental awareness, increase the attention of all sectors of society on environmental issues and actively take action, the United Nations designates June 5 every year as World Environment Day. June 5 this year is the 53rd World Environment Day. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment officially released the theme of the 2024 Sixth Five-Year Plan Environment Day: “Comprehensively Promote the Construction of a Beautiful China”, aiming to in-depth study, implementation and guide the whole society to firmly establish and practice The concept that clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets mobilizes all sectors of society to actively participate in building a beautiful China and realizing the great modern practice of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Sino-foreign joint venture pharmaceutical companies are actively engaged in environmental protection, taking carbon reduction, water and electricity conservation as the entry point, and achieving their goals by introducing high-tech water treatment technology.


The company’s cooling circulating water and pharmaceutical process water are severely scaled, making maintenance very difficult. The water tanks are often blocked due to scale. In severe cases, the machine must be shut down for cleaning every 2-3 days. This not only affects the normal production order, but also shortens the use of the equipment. Long service life and frequent replacement of equipment have added a lot of cost to the company, so the economic benefits cannot be improved. The traditional chemical descaling method cannot meet the company’s needs for scale inhibition and descaling, and chemicals can easily pollute the environment, so the company chose the high-tech, purely physical Tradom water treatment from Germany. technology to solve the scaling problem of cooling circulating water systems and pharmaceutical process water systems.

After the application of the technology, the scale gradually softened and fell off and flowed out with the drainage. The cleaning frequency of the equipment was reduced to once every half a month, and there was no more equipment clogging due to scale. New scale has also been contained, and production efficiency has been significantly improved. At the same time, the maintenance time of the equipment has been greatly reduced, and the service life has been effectively increased. This technology does not use one kilowatt hour of electricity and does not produce any carbon emissions. The problem of sewage discharge after discontinuing the use of chemicals is also solved. Practice has proved that the application of Tradom water treatment technology not only achieves the company’s green production goal of reducing carbon emissions, but also brings good economic benefits to it.


Tradom water treatment technology has benefited more than 100 countries and regions around the world since its launch in 1992, and its technological advancement is still 20 years ahead of its peers. As a pioneering application in the field of pure physics, Tradom uses no electricity or chemicals. Instead, it uses ultra-precise micro-oscillation waves with editable information to directly change the physical properties of scales, soften old scales, and block the growth of new scales; at the same time It can change the water environment and inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae; it can also generate an oxide layer on the inner wall of the pipe to avoid corrosion. To achieve the goals of efficient scale removal, strong scale inhibition, anti-corrosion and corrosion inhibition, and inhibition of bacteria and algae, the treated industrial water can be directly discharged, truly achieving zero energy consumption, zero material consumption, zero carbon emissions, and zero pollution.

Today, with the efforts of all sectors of society, our sky is bluer, our water is clearer, and our air is fresher. More and more companies are beginning to devote themselves to environmental protection and achieve green production by improving energy structure and applying innovative technologies. Tradom’s high-tech water treatment technology is also bearing fruit among more and more companies, helping dozens of companies reduce carbon emissions and water pollution, save costs, and improve efficiency every year. In the future, Tradome will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with enterprises, constantly update technology, improve services, and contribute to environmental protection.

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