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Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a place that brings happiness to people, but a swimming pool that makes people happy to play in the water must have the following problems:

1. Algae growth. The pool should be a clear blue color. Algae can turn the water green and make the bottom of the pool slippery.

2. Excessive chlorine content. Chlorine is generally used to prevent algae and other bacteria from growing in swimming pools. But too much chlorine can irritate the skin or eyes.

3. The pipelines are scaled, blocking the pool and preventing normal circulation. This may cause the equipment to be overloaded.

4. Corrosion. The iron pipes in the pool were rusted and cracked.

5. The water becomes turbid. No one wants to swim in turbid water.

If you use frequent water changes to solve the above problems, it will increase the cost of water and manual cleaning. Taking the right precautions is the smart choice. TETERADOM quantum water treatment equipment will keep your swimming pool clear for longer.


Public Swimming Pool


Pain Points:

In open-air swimming pools, rainwater and air cause more microorganisms in the water, which can easily turn green and cause algae to grow quickly. Completely change the water every month.
There is scale and rust in the iron water pipes. Maintenance and water pipe replacement are required every year. Otherwise, there will be low water flow, which will affect the speed of water injection. The outlet pressure of the pump increases, which increases the load and overloads the equipment.

Effect of Use:

After applying the quantum ring to the water inlet, the water flow rate obviously increased after 2 weeks. After installing the quantum ring, the water in the pool was not changed for 2 months. The water quality did not turn green. The PH value and other indicators were in compliance with the usage standards.


TETRADOM quantum rings have been tested for their ability to inhibit algae and fungi in water. It can kill bacteria harmful to human health such as E. coli. Prevents the growth of biofilm, a gelatinous mixture of bacteria, fungi, amoebas and other microorganisms. Significantly increases the resistance of microorganisms to harsh environments and disinfectants, and biofilms are more difficult to completely remove. As a result, even after routine cleaning and disinfection of the system, microorganisms still frequently exceed standards. TETRADOM quantum products rely on quantum waves to influence the growth of these fungi, which can play a role that drugs cannot.
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