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Wellan 2000 Power Ring

Engine performance can be significantly improved by improving fuel through a WELLAN® Power Ring. Injecting engine oil through the WELLAN® Power Ring can also improve engine performance. All engine oils do not need to be “treated” with the WELLAN® Power Ring to produce the desired results. A few hundred milliliters of treated oil is enough to improve the lubricity of the oil. To ensure trouble-free and continuous operation of the ring, special care should be taken not to expose it to electromagnetic fields. The effect of the power ring can save up to 20% of oil or fuel.


WELLAN® Power Rings are suitable for a variety of fuels, including regular gasoline, premium gasoline, diesel and biodiesel.
Suitable for industrial, agricultural, transportation and other equipment:Diesel generators, internal combustion engines, various engines, diesel boilers and other industrial equipment. Airplanes, cars, motorcycles, boats, speedboats, tractors and other transportation vehicles.

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