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Customised Design

Due to the particularities of different industries, when the size and energy of our standard quantum rings cannot meet this special demand, we will produce customized quantum devices based on on-site inspections and first-hand data.
As well as producing a complete solution composed of various quantum devices, so that the water circulation system can reach the best working condition and work continuously and stably.
Teterdom’s products are based on WELLAN water treatment technology and provide special customized solutions for the special needs of various industrial water treatment. The efficient and stable results have been recognized by users.

Working Principle

Wellan’s propriotary water treatment technology is a practical example of quantum physics. Its core is programmed according to a unique customized oscillation frequency and uses unique laser recording technology to record this ultra-fine oscillation on the dielectric material which is a special silicon-aluminum alloy dielectric material.
The dielectric material conducts pre-recorded ultra-fine vibration waves to the medium (such as water, oil), causing it to generate micro-resonance. Then, through the vibration of the medium, the amplitude of the material waves of various inorganic and organic substances around it is changed, thereby changing the bonding form between its molecules. The structure of the lime scale becomes loose, the oxidized rust decomposes and falls off, and the bacterial and algal life substances are reduced.

How to customize

1. Investigation stage:

Collect water and scale samples. Understand the equipment configuration and operating parameters of the existing water circulation system.

(1) Comparison of summer and winter operating parameters (especially outdoor equipment, water storage equipment, and water delivery equipment).

(2) Past equipment maintenance cycles, methods, and costs.

(3) Record forms of water quality, flow rate, temperature and pressure of water replenishment and circulating water, as well as the work flow of the entire system

(4) The diameter of the inlet and outlet water pipes of the equipment that needs to be cleaned (mostly circulating water heat exchange equipment), and the changes in pipe diameters.

(5) Understand the pain points of customers and which equipment will cause problems.

(6) What are the shortcomings of the current water treatment methods?

(7) Expected effects

2.Preparation stage

Based on the inspection data and the customer’s maintenance time, a configuration plan for the quantum equipment is designed. The plan includes

(1) Choose the best location to install your quantum device.

(2)The type, model and quantity of quantum devices used.

(3)If the quantum rod is placed in a large reservoir, a suitable fixing frame needs to be designed.

Estimate the total cost and production, transportation to installation period based on the configuration plan:

3. Installation stage

Tetradom device is simple and convenient to install, and can generally be installed directly , it is not necessary to shut down the water circulation system.Personnel from both parties should be familiar with the installation process and installation environment in advance. After confirmation by both parties, installation can begin. If special circumstances require the participation of qualified professionals (such as divers), both parties must jointly supervise to ensure safety.

4. Acceptance and after-sales stage

(1) Set special detection points (detection of temperature and pressure) to ensure normal operation of the system.

(2) Compare and analyze the operating data before and after equipment installation.

(3) Return visits regularly to solve problems. Combined with post-installation data analysis, the original plan is optimized and improved to provide a basis for subsequent

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