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Customised Design

Due to the particularities of different industries, when the size or energy of our standard products cannot meet this special need, we will develop customized quantum devices based on on-site inspections and first-hand data.
A complete solution composed of various quantum devices according to the equipment layout of the customer’s circulation system, so that the water circulation system can reach the best working condition and work continuously and stably for a long time.

Teterdom’s products provide specially tailored solutions for the specific needs of various industrial water treatments. Efficient and stable treatment results are recognized by users.

Working Principle

The theoretical basis of the Tetradom water treatment technology is quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and the physics of the editable electromagnetic spectrum.Tetradom technology uses a dielectric material made of a special alloy of silicon and aluminum. It interacts with this dielectric material using targeted oscillation frequency programming techniques and laser recording techniques that enable it to stably record and release special ultrafine oscillating waves. Dielectric material will be pre-recorded ultra-fine vibration wave conduction to the medium (such as water, oil), so that it produces micro-resonance, change the amplitude of the material wave around a variety of inorganic and organic matter, thereby changing the form of its intermolecular bond. Scale structure becomes loose off, in the metal surface to generate iron tetraoxide film, as a result of changing the living environment to inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae. The function of the product is descaling, anticorrosion, anti-bacteria, anti-algae. It solves the problems of scaling, corrosion and biofilm on circulating water system pipelines, heat exchangers, heat exchange system pumps, boilers and membrane surfaces. In addition, it can also effectively solve the scaling problem of gas media circulating system.

How to customize

1. Investigation stage:

First, collect water and scale samples as requested by the technician. Understand the equipment configuration and operating parameters of the existing water circulation system.

(1) Comparison of summer and winter operating parameters (especially outdoor equipment, water storage equipment, and water delivery equipment).

(2) Past equipment maintenance intervals, methods and costs.

(3) Recorded forms of supplemental and circulating water quality, flow rates, temperatures, and pressures, as well as the workflow of the entire system.

(4) Inlet and outlet pipe diameters of the equipment to be cleaned (mostly circulating water heat transfer equipment) and how the pipe diameters have changed.

Then, to understand the customer’s pain points, the

(1) What equipment will often have problems , general treatment will be down for how long to deal with

(2) What factors affect the life of the equipment, equipment corrosion situation

(3) What are the dissatisfaction with the current water treatment method.

(4) What kind of effect the customer expects to achieve

2.Preparation stage

A specification program for the Tetradom quantum device was designed based on inspection data and the customer’s overhaul schedule. The plan includes

(1) Selection of the optimal location to install the quantum equipment.

(2) The type, model and number of quantum devices to be used.

(3) If the quantum bars are placed in a storage tank or in a cooling tower, suitable fixtures need to be designed according to the installation location.

Estimate the total cost and lead time for production, transportation to installation based on the specification program.

3. Installation stage

Tetradom units are easy to install and can generally be installed straight away without downtime. Installation can begin after confirmation by both parties. The installation method is to be carried out in accordance with Tetradom’s installation protocol. If special circumstances require the participation of qualified professionals (e.g. divers), both parties must supervise the installation together to ensure safety.

4. Acceptance and after-sales stage

(1) In consultation with the user, set up specialized testing points to test the system operating temperature and pressure. Ensure normal operation of the system.

(2) Help customers compare and analyze the operating data before and after the installation of equipment. The data will fluctuate a bit after installation, and will be somewhat different from before installation after smoothing. This is the effect of Tetradom products.

(3) Regular return visits to solve problems. Combined with the analysis of data after installation, optimize and improve the original program to provide a basis for follow-up work.

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