Water treatment equipment that benefits the world

Tradom water treatment technology has benefited more than 100 countries and regions around the world since its launch in 1992, and its technological advancement is still 20 years ahead of its peers. As a pioneering application in the field of pure physics, Tradom uses no electricity or chemicals. Instead, it uses ultra-precise micro-oscillation waves with editable information to directly change the physical properties of scales, soften old scales, and block the growth of new scales; at the same time It can change the water environment and inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae; it can also generate an oxide layer on the inner wall of the pipe to avoid corrosion. To achieve the goals of efficient scale inhibition, powerful descaling, anti-corrosion and corrosion inhibition, and inhibition of bacteria and algae, the treated industrial water can be directly discharged, truly achieving zero energy consumption, zero material consumption, zero carbon emissions, and zero pollution.

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