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Home Applications

Residential plumbing systems are made up of many components. The entire system works from start to finish to bring fresh water to each home and properly dispose of wastewater.

The water main is the pipe that connects your home to the municipal water supply. Water supply pipes, valves and drainage pipes are part of the water network. They ensure that users have water supply in every room. Water heaters and storage tanks provid hot water for bathing, cleaning, dishwashing, and other household tasks.

A regular home plumbing system has three basic problem:

  • ● Scale
  • ● Rust and corrosion
  • ● Bacteria

Teteradom ring is the best solution for those problem.

Instructions for use

Home water piping systems use standard size pipes, so just select the TETERDOM quantum ring of the corresponding size. Moreover, the installation method of TETERDOM quantum ring is very simple. It does not require professional technicians to install it. Every adult can do it, regardless of gender.
We hope that our quantum water treatment device can enter hardware stores and be sold in hardware stores like wrenches, hammers, valves, and pipes. Become a daily necessity for residents.

How to choose the right size

Measure the circumference of the pipe, the circumference/3.14 is the A value in the specification table below. Order the correct size equipment based on the diameter value.
Item Code Size (in) DN(mm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) T(mm)
TM-15 1/2" DN15 24 92 36 50
TM-20 3/4" DN20 30 92 31 50
TM-25 1" DN25 36 92 28 50
TM-32 11/4" DN32 44 92 26 50
TM-40 11/2" DN40 52 92 20 50
TM-50 2" DN50 64 160 48 60
TM-65 21/2" DN65 79 179 50 60
TM-80 3" DN80 92 192 50 60
TM-100 4" DN100 122 222 50 60
TM-125 5" DN125 144 244 50 60
TM-150 6" DN150 175 275 50 60
TM-200 8" DN200 220 320 50 60
TM-250 10" DN250 282 382 50 60
TM-300 12" DN300 330 430 50 60
TM-350 14" DN350 384 484 50 60
TM-400 16" DN400 434 534 50 60
TM450 18" DN450 485 585 50 60
TM500 20" DN500 535 635 50 60

Where to install

Installed at the front end of the main water inlet pipe, the iron and calcium ions in the incoming water can be treated once.
Install a TETERADOM quantum ring on the water inlet pipe entering the water tank and boiler to further process the calcium and iron ions in the water pipe so that they do not deposit and corrode the boiler and water tank equipment. It also sterilizes and inhibits algae.

How To Install

Step 1.

Wrap the pipe with double-layer insulating tape to prevent any reaction of the metals.

Step 2.

Loosen both of the screws with an Hex key. The ring separates into two halves.

Step 3.

Set both of the ring halves onto the prepared section of the pipe.Make sure arrow on the ring is in the direction of the flow.

Step 4.

Retighten both halves of the ring. Do not over tighten.


Business Apartment

(China, Beijing)

Pain Points:

High-end foreign-related business apartment. There are 25 floors in total. The water supply for customer rooms is provided by a variable frequency pump for high-floor water supply. Galvanized pipes are mainly used. After eight years of operation of the pipes and equipment, the inner walls of the pipes have become corroded. The bathtubs and kitchen faucets in the apartments have serious red water, and some mud is entrained. Sand, reddish brown rust stains are obvious in the pipes of the boiler water piping system.


Install 1pc WR-I 10120 quantum ring and 2pcs of WR-H10135 quantum rings on the corresponding pipes in the low-floor area and high-floor area of the water supply system.

Effect of Use:

According to the customer’s requirements, we conduct on-site inspections of the water quality in the apartment rooms and make comparisons before and after.
The rust condition of the guest room bathroom on the day of installation
Less than two months after installation, there was no visible red water flowing out of the bathtub and kitchen faucets, and the water quality was clear. The reddish-brown rust stains in the boiler water piping system pipes have been removed. No more customer complaints due to this.
80 days after installation, the water in the room is clear and translucent


Quantum water treatment equipment is very effective in removing rust and scale. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Ideal for use in commercial buildings as an optimal solution for water treatment.
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