Creating opportunities: Tetradom is the best solution to scale problems

Against the background of rapid economic development, the continuous emergence of high technologies, and changes in consumption and investment structures, traditional industries are facing many challenges and pressures: such as homogeneous product competition, declining market share, and the need to adjust industrial structures. With the invention and development of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, traditional enterprises are increasingly inseparable from the support of high and new technologies. The two penetrate each other and their influence gradually increases. Traditional industries have also developed new technologies with the support of innovative technologies. of vitality.

A chemical company in Nanjing, China, has achieved industrial upgrading through technological innovation, breaking the curse of the decline of traditional industries. On the one hand, the company increased investment in scientific research and independently innovated and developed products that better meet market demand; on the other hand, it applied innovative technology The production line has been upgraded to improve production efficiency and save operating costs. Among them, the introduction of high-tech Tradom water treatment technology from Germany to upgrade related production links is an important step for the company to achieve industrial upgrading.

Tradom water treatment technology not only has outstanding effects in scale control, but also has a higher tolerance for circulating water temperature. It is very suitable for dealing with problems such as scale inhibition, scale removal, anti-corrosion and slowdown that occur in the system under high temperature background. Problems such as corrosion coincide with the company’s needs in water treatment. After the application of the technology, the phenomenon of unprovoked shutdowns has basically disappeared, old scale has gradually fallen off, and new scale has been contained. It only needs simple cleaning during annual overhauls. The maintenance time is shortened by 70%, and the frequency of equipment maintenance is reduced by 60%, saving a lot of money in transportation. Maintenance costs are reduced and the economic benefits of the enterprise are improved.

Tradom water treatment technology has benefited more than 100 countries and regions around the world since its launch in 1992, and its technological advancement is still 20 years ahead of its peers. As a pioneering application in the field of pure physics, Tradom uses no electricity or chemicals. Instead, it uses ultra-precise micro-oscillation waves with editable information to directly change the physical properties of scales, soften old scales, and block the growth of new scales; at the same time It can change the water environment and inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae; it can also form an oxide layer on the inner wall of the pipe to avoid corrosion. To achieve the goals of efficient scale inhibition, powerful descaling, anti-corrosion and corrosion inhibition, and inhibition of bacteria and algae, the treated industrial water can be directly discharged, truly achieving zero energy consumption, zero material consumption, zero carbon emissions, and zero pollution.

It is true that traditional water treatment methods can no longer meet the growing needs of enterprises. Only technological innovation can promote the rapid development of enterprises; more and more enterprises are beginning to realize the importance of water treatment. Tradom’s high-tech water treatment technology can not only solve stubborn scale problems for enterprises, but also help enterprises improve their core competitiveness and achieve industrial upgrading. How to break out of traditional industries squeezed by emerging industries? High-tech water treatment technology can give the answer.

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