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Commercial Building

There are two aspects to commercial building water management: ductwork and cooling systems. Their key is keeping waterways clear.
The piping system is straight drainage and the pipes will be affected by changes in water quality and the material of the pipes. Iron pipes will rust, hard water will cause scale deposits, and there are many bacteria and algae in the water, which will produce biofilms and affect people’s health.
Cooling circulation systems circulate the same water over and over, using heat exchangers to remove waste heat from the system. During the circulation process, part of the water evaporates, causing salt to accumulate. Even with constant refills of water. However, scale and rust can still occur in the pipes of the hydronic cooling system.
TETRADOM quantum devices can prevent and solve this problem.


Commercial Building

(China. Beijing)

Pain Points:

Total circulation: 200 tons

Daily lotion: 7-8 tons

Water source: city tap water

Water treatment method: chemical method

Use chemical methods to deal with rust, corrosion, bacteria, and algae problems in the cooling circulating water system. The cost of chemicals, manual maintenance, and drainage fees is high, the effect is not ideal, and the heat exchange efficiency is low.


Install 2 WR-H 10125 quantum rings in front of the condenser of the water-cooling unit, 2 WR-H 10125 quantum rings in the air-conditioning chilled water system, and 1 WR-H101451 quantum ring in the heating system of the thermal station.

Effect of Use:

The installation took 6-10 months, and no chemicals were added during this period.

1. The inside of the condenser is clean and free of scale, rust and mud.

2. Good heat exchange effect.

3. Greatly reduce water discharge and increase concentration ratio.

4. The cooling tower is filled with clean materials.

5. Reduce the overall operating cost.


TETRADOM Quantum rings are more efficient than chemical methods. After 4 months of use, scale and rust have been removed. Improve heat exchange efficiency and save energy. Reduce water discharge and save water bills.


Business Apartment

(China, Beijing)

Pain Points:

Air-conditioning cooling circulating water systems have always used chemical dosing methods to treat circulating water. Starting in June 2011, high temperature alarms occurred in the central air conditioning condenser , and the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water of the heat exchanger did not change much.

When the condenser heat exchanger was opened in July, it was found that there was serious scaling inside, which affected the heat exchange efficiency.


2 sets of DN200 quantum rings were installed in August.

Effect of Use:

After installing the quantum ring, the addition of chemical scale and rust inhibitors was stopped. There is no high temperature alarm in the condenser system, and the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water is between 5 and 8 degrees. The condenser heat exchanger was opened again in 11/ 2011. The surface of the heat exchanger pipe was clean and free of sludge, scaling, etc., and the heat exchange efficiency was greatly improved.
2011.07 The equipment was opened for maintenance. There was rust and scale on the surface.
2011.11 There is no rust or scale on the surface of the equipment.


Quantum water treatment equipment is very effective in removing rust and scale in air conditioning cooling circulating water systems. It can completely replace chemical treatment methods. It is easy to install and requires no dedicated maintenance. Ideal for use in commercial buildings, it is the best solution for water treatment in cooling systems of commercial buildings.


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