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Why Use TETERDOM Quantum Products?

With the advancement of science and technology in the world, the impact of human activities on nature has become increasingly apparent. Environmental damage and chemical pollution directly affect the health of the ecological environment. Progress in many areas of our lives has thrown nature out of balance and even greatly damaged the ecological environment, affecting and endangering all life on earth. Therefore, we must realize that only sustainable development technology is the right choice for us and can lead us out of the predicament. EHS is committed to solving this problem and using quantum physics technology to achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Application status

of TETRADOM water treatment equipment

TETRADOM water treatment products have a wide range of applications, covering water systems in various industries such as industry, commerce, and civil use.
Specific industrial applications include circulating or direct discharge cooling water systems, steam power boiler systems, reverse osmosis desalination systems, oil field petroleum extraction systems, gathering and transportation systems and reinjection water systems, landfill leachate treatment systems, etc.
The corresponding types of cooperative enterprises are metallurgical plants, coking plants, coal chemical plants, petroleum production plants, petrochemical plants, steel plants, chemical plants, thermal power plants, sewage treatment plants and other enterprises.
It mainly solves the problems of scale, rust and accumulation of algae sludge in the pipelines of industrial boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment.
Commercial specific applications include central air conditioning circulation systems and boiler hot water installations.
Corresponding enterprise types include hotels, large buildings, food and drug factories, brewery ,mold factories, etc.,
TETRADOM has mainly provided services to enterprises in the above fields in the Chinese market for the past 15 years, and has accumulated a large number of successful cases and data analysis. Users highly recognize this high-tech product that is easy to operate and has obvious effects.From the initial one-year testing phase to the implementation phase of the system-wide customized upgrade plan. Because they really got benefits compared to traditional methods. Install once and reap the benefits for years. Save water treatment costs, reduce water consumption, avoid chemical pollution, and reduce energy losses.
In recent years, TETRADOM’s products have been gradually used in civil environments.
Civilian systems include municipal drainage pipes, household water supply and drainage, household hot water equipment (boilers, geothermal, etc.), as well as sterilization and algae removal in swimming pools, reservoirs and other places.
Compared with industrial demand, the purchase volume of this part of demand is small. But the market is huge because it is directly related to every family and everyone’s quality of life.
TETRADOM has also developed some small products for daily use based on this, which can penetrate this technology into our lives. Although their effects will not be immediately visible to people, we believe that they will definitely change our lives subtly.


Industrial Applications

Commercial & Home Applications

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