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Why choose our green water treatment technology?

Wellan and Teteradom provides one-stop green water treatment products and technical services. Effectively solve the needs and challenges of industrial circulating water treatment. Our technical team helps different customers design solutions suitable for their applications based on their working environments and actual parameters. Provide more efficient, more reliable and safer all-round professional technical services. Ensure that industrial water circulation equipment can maintain optimal operation for a long time during the warranty period after using ourwater treatment equipment. It is easy to install, does not require disassembly, and is effective for many years to help you effectively solve problems.

Product Hightlights

Zero energy consumption

No electricity or other energy required

Zero carbon emission

No carbon emissions are produced during application

Zero material consumption

No consumables or other materials required

Zero chemicalpollution

No chemicals required , purely physical method

Working Principle

Wellan’s water treatment proprietary technology is a practical example of quantum physics. Its core is programmed according to a unique customized oscillation frequency, and uses a unique laser recording input technology to record this special ultra-fine oscillation setting on the dielectric material by interacting with a dielectric material made of a special alloy with silicon and aluminum as the main components.
The dielectric material conducts pre-recorded ultra-fine vibration waves to the medium (such as water, oil), causing it to generate micro-resonance. Then, through the vibration of the medium, the amplitude of the material waves of various inorganic and organic substances surrounded by it is changed, thereby changing the form of the combination between its moleculous. It shows that the structure lime scale becomes loose, the iron oxide rust is decomposed and detached, and the bacteria and algae life substances are reduced.
Finally, four key problems in water treatment were solved using quantum physics.

How to Remove the Rust


After 8 months

Under the influence of interference , TETRADOM quantum devices changes the molecular structure of the rust material, making the Fe2O3 loose and soft, easily be carried away by running water. And even in still water, hard rust corrosion will not form. Moreover, a thin layer of Fe3O4 is formed on the surface of the metal to prevent further corrosion.

How to Remove the Scale

The Coil Tube Boiler


After 3 months

After 6 months

After 12 months



The microstructure of CaCO3 crystals changes from spike-like to granular. The spikes don’t easily cross together and the flowing water will carry it away. It settles to the bottom of the container in the form of loose floc in still water and is not easy to form hard scale.

What Are The Benefits

  • ● Improve the solubility of industrial circulating water and enhance the fluidity of water.
  • ● Increased industrial water recycling time, reduced water consumption, and reduced sewage discharge.
  • ● Effectively prevent scale, rust corrosion from forming and clogging pipelines.
  • ● Keep the tube wall clean, increase the heat exchange rate and reduce energy waste.
  • ● Reduce the reproduction of microorganisms, prevent water corruption and regulate water quality.


Global marketing partner


WELLAN & Teteradom

Quantum water treatment device


3-year warranty. If the efficacy weakens after 3 years, you can contact our local distributor to re-energize the device. You only need to pay 10-20% of the original price.
Teteradom Bio-signal water treatment equipment is available in a variety of standard sizes in residential buildings and large industrial pipe sizes, so there is no need to replace the piping system.
Unlike other water treatment methods, EHS green water treatment equipment does not wear out and does not require maintenance after initial installation, meaning no additional maintenance costs.
Yes, we have trial programs in the new market development stage. Over the past 30 years, the effectiveness of WELLAN and TETERADOM water treatment equipment has been recognized by users around the world. We are willing to provide personalized trial opportunities for customers in newly developed markets. Customers can install and use this product after signing a trial contract and paying 50% of the full price. The trial period is 3 months. After the trial, if you are satisfied with the results, you will pay the final payment. We welcome customers to try it out.

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