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Oil & Gas Industry

Production of oil and gas is usually accompanied by the usage and production of large volumes of water in several applications. The industry recognizes its dependency on water and is focused on minimizing its use, enhancing reuse and recycling opportunities, and improving treatment technologies and disposal options.

TETERADOM provides sustainable complete solutions for water treatment in oil and gas industry considering a wide range of technologies and strategies.

– Water injection for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
– Recycling and reuse


Oil Production Plant

(China. Heilongjiang)

Pain Points:

1) The pipe wall of the cooling circulation system of the dilute oil station is scaled and clogged seriously. It had to be shut down for cleaning after three months, which increased the workload and affected the normal operation of production. Due to the high water injection pressure and diverse water quality in the reinjection water system, differences in water quality and changes in PH value after injection into oil wells often lead to scaling and corrosion in the system, affecting production.
2) After the re-injection water is mixed with surfactant and alkali, sediment will immediately be produced and the mixer will be clogged, causing production to be impossible. The mixer must be cleaned in less than a week at the minimum.


1) In order to solve the first problem, a quantum ring is installed at the front end of the heat exchanger and at the return water inlet of the dilute oil station.
2) In order to solve the second problem, install a quantum ring on the mixer front-end

Effect of Use:

After nearly one year of operation, the cooling circulation system and water injection circulation system of the dilute oil station have achieved good results. The circulating water system can work normally under high hardness water conditions.
By comparing the scaling conditions before and after installing the quantum ring in the cooler of the dilute oil station and the operation of the water-injection motor, it can be seen that the quantum ring’s descaling and anti-scaling effect is extremely obvious and its performance is excellent. It not only reduces energy consumption, reduces drainage and protects the environment, but also reduces the workload of manual cleaning and greatly extends the service life of the equipment.




TETRADOM quantum ring increases the concentration ratio of circulating water, allowing the equipment to operate normally in high hardness environments. The direct effect of descaling is to increase heat exchange efficiency and save energy. Reduce emissions, save water resources, and protect the environment.


Oil Production Plant

(China, Liaoning)

Pain Points:

1. The oil production plant is located in the world’s largest reed field and Asia’s largest wetland, and the water contains a large number of microorganisms. The formation of a large amount of slime in the circulation system reduces the cooling efficiency of the cooling tower. The slime is deposited in the heat exchanger, which reduces the heat transfer efficiency. The slime deposited on the metal surface can cause severe corrosion under the scale, and it also insulates the The effect of corrosion and scale inhibitors on metals prevents them from exerting their proper corrosion and scale inhibition effects.
2. The equipment in the factory has been in operation for a long time, and the equipment and pipelines are seriously corroded and scaled. Especially the oil field water injection system is blocked and needs to be shut down to clear it.


Install a TETRADOM quantum ring at the circulating water inlet of the cooling water tank.

Effect of Use:

Jun. 22-Sept. 6, 2018 (Trial Time)

1.The total number of bacteria decreased by 72.84%.

1)The oil content of sewage dropped by 24%;

2)The suspended solids content dropped by 76.45%;

3) The median particle size of suspended solids decreased by 41.54%;

4) Sulfate reducing bacteria decreased by 82.14%;

5) Iron bacteria decreased by 93.6%;

2. In the initial stage of installation, the water quality will become muddy and a lot of scale will be washed out. Clean it in time to avoid clogging. After a period of time, the water quality begins to become clearer, and although the hardness becomes higher, the system can work normally.


1. In an environment rich in microorganisms, the TETERADOM quantum ring can prevent the reproduction of bacteria in the water, avoid the formation of microbial slime, and reduce the damage of microbial slime to the water circulation system.
2.TETERADOM quantum ring can not only remove deposited scale and rust, but also prevent scaling when the water hardness is very high. Drastically reduce the amount of supplemental water used. And it requires no maintenance, saving labor costs.
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