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Electrical Power Industry

TETRADOM quantum devices are used in various thermal power plants.
A thermal power plant is a power station that converts thermal energy into electrical energy. In the steam generation cycle, heat is used to boil water in a large pressure vessel to produce high-pressure steam, which drives the connection to an air compressor. The low-pressure exhaust gas from the air compressor enters the steam condenser, where it is cooled to produce hot condensed water, which is recycled to the heating process to produce more high-pressure steam.
The main equipment prone to scale and rust is the air compressor and condenser.


Cooling tower and cooling pool:

Cooling pool volume: 1000m3

Circulation flow: 3600m3/h

Cooling tower: L85 fan counterflow cooling tower

Thermal Power Plant

(China. Yunnan)

Total system water volume: 4000 tons;
Nominal diameter of circulation branch pipe: 600 mm;
Branch pipeline flow: 2000 T/h;
System water supply: 3% of the total water volume, 120 T/h;
Hydration hardness:4mmol/L;
Circulating water inlet temperature: 37℃ in summer, 31℃ in winter

Cooling equipment:

(1) Condenser: Model N-650-1
Cooling area: 650 m2
Water channel: 2 channels 1 process
(2) Medium pressure turbine oil cooler, low pressure turbine oil cooler
(3) Generator air cooler 
(4) Online analysis of instrument cooler.



In 2006, the 10086KW steam turbine generator set produced by the German KKK company was introduced. The circulating cooling water system of the generator set directly uses customized TETERADOM quantum ring RI-HCI 10320 instead of the originally planned chemical water treatment method.
The TETERADOM quantum ring was installed on two branch pipes of the circulating cooling water system. It started working in July 2006, and the tracking time was until November 2007, a total of 17 months. Production was suspended for four months due to system shutdown and maintenance. The actual working time is 14 months.

Effect of Use:

1. The cooling tower and cooling pool are very clean. There is no blockage in the filler in the tower. There is no bacteria, mud or other attachments on the wall of the pool and around it. The iron fence of the channel in the pool has been exposed to water and contact with the air for more than 1 year. Basically no rust.

2. The cooling effect of the equipment is normal. The turbine oil temperature and generator air cooler temperature are both within the control range. The following is the monitoring data of the cooling equipment.

The minimum pH value is 7 and the maximum is 8.94, which is relatively stable and no acidification occurs.

The concentration factor of circulating cooling water is measured by c1-content. The value of the supply water is 17, the maximum value is 160, the concentration factor is close to 10, and the average value is 7.13.

Generally, the concentration factor of industrial circulating water should be controlled at 2-4. When the concentration factor increases, water can be saved, but scaling and corrosive substances in the circulating water increase, making the system easy to block.The TETRADOM quantum ring changes the physical properties of calcium titanate, iron oxide in the water, so that they no longer deposit on the pipe wall. In this way, even if the concentration ratio is very high, the circulation system can still work normally.


TETRADOM quantum ring has 3 benefits:

1. If chemical treatment is used, the annual purchase cost of SILIPHOS NIPHOS is about 110,000 USD. Now the cost of purchasing TETRADOM quantum ring is saved by 40%. And function can last for 3-5 years, The energy can be guaranteed to last for 3-5 years, and only a small amount of re-empower fees need to be paid in the future. No manual maintenance is required.

2. Increase the concentration ratio of circulating water and save more than 100,000 tons of water a year.

3. There is no problem of subsequent drainage pollution.


Thermal Power Plant (China, JiLin)

The company’s installed capacity is 2*200MW cogeneration units. The steam turbines adopt an open natural ventilation cooling tower circulating water system.
The cooling circulating water volume of a single unit is 30,000m³/h.
The water level is supplemented by the water source of the above-ground reservoir.
The sewage is treated by the supporting sewage treatment plant ,then reuse it later. The quality of the treated water is controlled by chemical methods. According to the water quality test results, chemical bactericides and scale inhibitors are added to the circulation system.


Install the TETRADOM quantum equipment at the circulating water outlet of the cooling water tower tank.
Using quantum immersion devices – quantum bars, fixed by customized mounting bracket.

Effect of Use:

June 22-Sept. 6, 2018 (Trial Time)

1. After install TETRADOM quantum devices, stopped adding scale inhibitors and rubber balls to the circulating water. Observe the operating conditions of the condenser, analyze and detect the chemical indicators of circulating water and make up water as well as the scaling of the condenser heat pipe.

2. 2018-Sept. 4

Before installation, the maximum terminal difference of the condenser is 8-9°C. The condenser is severely scaled and the heat exchange tubes are blocked every year. The system needs to be shut down for cleaning. Since the installation of this equipment, the vacuum of the steam turbine has increased in summer. The scaling phenomenon in the condenser has basically disappeared. There is a layer of soft material on the inner wall of the heat exchange tube. After analysis, it is not a scale material, and the maximum end difference of the condenser is basically within the range of 2-3°C.
Open the front chamber of the condenser and observe that there is no dirt deposition or corrosion on the inlet end tube sheet and its pipelines. The metallic luster end face of the heat pipe is visible. There is a small amount of biological slime deposited on the outlet end tube plate and its cooling tube. Metal surfaces are also visible. The slime formed by bacteria and algae is deposited on the surface and can be removed by light touch. After light touch, a shiny metallic surface can be seen on the inner wall of the pipe. Compared with the on-site photos of the same period in 2017, there is a significant improvement.


The water is treated chemically, and by adding scale inhibitors to the circulating water, the conductivity of the circulating water is low, basically maintained below 400us/cm, and the conductivity of the supplementary water is also very low. Reduce the hardness of circulating water. After the quantum water processor is installed, the original internal scale is reduced, which increases the conductivity of the circulating water and the supplementary water. However, the high-hardness water does not scale and the system operates normally. The effect is much better than chemical descaling methods.
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