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EHS is the global distribution company of the German company Tetradom Gmbh,is in charge of the sales channel construction of TETRADOM ® and Wellan® brand.
TETRADOM GMBH is the production and sales partner of WELLAN GMBH. The main products include the Wellan®2000 ring, Power ring, invented by Mr. Klaus Wagner, the founder of Wellan Gmbh. TETRADOM develop the new quantum products based on this technology.
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Our products improve the quality of water in purely physical ways and solve problems such as scale, rust, bacteria and algae that have harassed industrial and domestic water for long time. This technology is derived from the study of ultra-fine vibration waves in quantum physics. By empowering special materials to generate special ultra-fine vibration waves, it changes the existence form of scale and rust substances in the water, causing solid sediments to break away from the pipe wall, then be carried away by water. Achieved descaling and removing rust effect.
Since the entire process is a physical process, it does not require electricity, magnets, or chemical agents. It is more efficient than common treatment methods, saves water, reduces energy loss, and has no potential hazards of chemical pollution. At present, this technology has been widely used in the steel industry,energy industry, oil and chemical industry and other fields. Now it has been extended to commercial Cooling Condenser Water System, household boiler water treatment ,etc. In addition, this product can also be used for algae removal in reservoirs and swimming pools, replacing existing chemical methods.
Quantum water treatment technology is advanced technology, and TETERADOM is proud to be the production and promotion partner of this water treatment product in the early stages of product development for this technology. As the core promotion company of TETERADOM, EHS must strive to find like-minded partners in various countries to efficiently utilize water resources and sustainably improve the existing production and living environment. We are looking for agents from all over the world. Welcome to join us and promote the faster and wider dissemination of this technology so that more people can benefit.

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