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EHS is the global distribution company of the German company Tetradom Gmbh,is in charge of the sales channel construction of TETRADOM ® and Wellan® brand.

TETRADOM GmbH is the production and sales partner of WELLAN GmbH. Its main products include the Wellan®2000 power ring invented by Mr. Klaus Wagner, the founder of Wellan Gmbh. TETRADOM develops new quantum products based on this technology – quantum bars.

Our products improve water quality in a purely physical way, solving the problems of scale, corrosion, bacteria and algae that have long plagued industrial and domestic water. This technology originates from the study of ultramicro oscillating waves in quantum physics. It utilizes special materials to generate special ultra-micro oscillating waves to change the existence form of scale in the water, so that the solid deposits are detached from the pipe wall and taken away by the water. Achieve the effect of descaling and anticorrosion

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This technology has benefited more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, America ,Afraica and Asia.


This technology has been applied steadily for more than 30 years.


It has been authorized to sell and promote the technology in 20 countries around the world, such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Main Functions

WELLAN® 2000 technology is a biosignal water treatment device that frees pipes from limescale, stops corrosion ,make water healthy and works regardless of whether the water is flowing or at rest. Creating harmony between man and nature with our “green technology” is one of our top priorities.

Breaks down scale deposits, loosening them and detaching them from the pipes.

Generates a film of Fe3O4 from Fe2O3 and oxygen in the water to prevent corrosion.

Inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria and destroy the formation of biofilms

Breaks down large molecule water into small molecule water, increasing water permeability, solubility and activity.

Water Treatment Qantum Devices

• No energy consumption
• No down time

• No material consumption
• No pollution

TETRADOM offers the perfect solution for circulating water treatment. Equipped with the Tetradom ring, it not only removes scale deposited on the pipe wall, but also generates a passivation film on the pipe wall and inhibits corrosion. The functionality and effectiveness of quantum devices offer many interesting possibilities. Numerous case studies demonstrate the efficacy of Tetradom products in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. We have countless customers all over the world who are very satisfied with the convenience that the Tetradom ring has brought them.

Overall customized solution for circulating water system

• Easy Installation
• Pollution-free

•No maitenance
• Sustainable

When large circulating water systems require total descaling, Quantum products need to be customized to meet the specific needs of the system.

Design and development of optimal solutions based on the parameters of the circulating water system, such as total water volume, water flow rate, pipe sizes, etc., as well as the number and location of equipment. Installation of different quantities and sizes of Tetradom products at different locations in the circulating system provides a tailor-made service.


Fuel saver

Improved viscosity or lubricity.

Forward-looking Technolog, more efficient and more economical

Better atomization of the fuel or heating oil. Improved viscosity or improved sliding properties. Better combustion. Higher performance of the motor vehicle engine. Lower pollutant emissions Longer service life of the machines and devices. Fuel savings or heating oil savings of around 10-20 %. Less engine noise,clean burner.

Various industrial equipment are powered by ordinary gasoline, high-quality gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, etc.

Various vehicles, yachts, ships and other transportation vehicles use fuels including ordinary gasoline, high-quality gasoline, diesel and biodiesel as power.

Used in life

Make our life better

Wellan 2000 rings are green technology. It saves water, saves electricity, contains no chemicals, does not release magnetic fields or electromagnetic radiation into the environment, and most importantly requires no maintenance. This is the best way to scientifically simplify complex problems. The Wellan2000 ring aims to revolutionize the way people think about water treatment. The future of water treatment has arrived, and it’s time to experience for yourself the surprises that Welland products can bring to you.

Video Showcase

Remove the scale in your home’s water pipes and electrical appliances


Generates passivation film to prevent corrosion.

Inhibit Bacteria

Inhibits the growth of various germs such as E. coli

Inhibit Algae

Inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as algae


Customer Testimonials

Our Distributors

We already have dealers in 17 countries and regions, and people in more than 100 countries and regions have benefited from our water treatment device.

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